Introducing Oreo

I got the best e-mail ever this morning. It was sent to my company’s webmaster account over the weekend. I can only assume the sender mistyped the domain name in the address she meant to send this to:

Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 00:47:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: ********
Subject: Photo contest

Please consider my kitty’s photo for your next contest,
attached is Oreo in his cute jacket.

My name is S**** s*****. Please publish this photo in
your site. thanks.

Attached was this picture:

Oreo in his cute jacket

I wish I could get a random cat picture in the mail every day. I feel a new project coming on…


heather_lbc says:

that’s a pretty damn cute cat.
She wans’t trying to send that into kitten wars was she?

penance_ says:

well, you got cat pics from Mewlore’s LJ yesterday and tomorrow night Bex is picking up Princess Yuki (darn, that means no tacos & feral pussy on the rocks for the first time in forever!) so I’m sure there will be pics of our new addition…

angeldye says:

THAT RULES!! and so so random!!! I would totally read my HOT PUSSY spam if it actually contained that kinda pussy!!

hexed says:

A random cat picture in the mail every day would be a very valuable service!

I would subscribe!

Kenn Christ says:
$ whois

No match for "DAILYCAT.ORG".