I’m going to be at LinuxWorld next week. It runs from Monday through Thursday, the 8th through the 11th. I don’t think my boss will let me just hang out there the whole time instead of coming to work, but Moscone Center is just a couple blocks from the office so I’ll probably be in and out most of the week.

There are a couple keynotes and presentations I’d like to see, as well as a couple of the informal “birds of a feather” meetings. This is what I’ve got planned so far


  • The Explosive Growth of Linux and Open Source: What does it all mean?
  • The Golden Penguin Bowl
  • Flash Point: Reigniting Web Innovation

The Golden Penguin Bowl is a quiz show type of thing that may be entertaining, but stands an equal chance of just being stupid. That’ll be the first one to drop if I can’t get away from work for all these. The web development one will probably be the best of the three, as that’s where my interest primarily lies these days.

Birds of a Feather Meetings

  • Mozilla
  • Catching up with CmdrTaco

There are a couple other meetings that I’d like to go to, but they overlap with the ones I’ve already picked out. I’m sure the CmdrTaco thing will be lame but I read and post to Slashdot fairly regularly, so how could I pass this up?