The Yahoo-ification of Flickr

I read an interesting article on Signal vs. Noise this morning about the influence Yahoo has had on Flickr, and where it might lead.

Flickr signup: From human to droid in a Yahoo moment?

Their first change is to the previously extremely simple and brief Flickr signup form so that it now a) is 2.5 times longer, b) asks intrusive personal questions, and c) pushes you to create a Yahoo e-mail account. This somehow completely fails to surprise me.

I noticed something like this the other day when I uploaded some new pictures. My laptop usually stays logged in to Flickr, but I was using my desktop machine and was prompted to log in with a Yahoo ID, if I have one. Once logged in (using my Flickr login), I was asked if I want to merge my Flickr and Yahoo accounts (I don’t).

According to the Flickr blog, sometime next year Flickr users will be required to use their Yahoo ID to use the service, and will have to sign up for one if they don’t have one already.


goffchick says:

Their customer service also now is Yahoo level- i.e. you send them an email, and they don’t bother to actually answer your question. You eventually get something back, that has nothing to do with your problem.