Alan Ralsky goes down

FBI puts stop to spam king

Michigan’s unapologetic king of bulk e-mail is in trouble again. This time, an FBI raid has closed what some consider one of the world’s largest houses of spam.

Warrants unsealed last week revealed that agents in September seized computers, laptops, financial records and disks from the 8,000-square-foot home of Alan M. Ralsky. The $750,000 West Bloomfield mini-mansion was built off profits from the 100 million electronic offers for everything from Botox to mortgages that Ralsky sends every day. [...]

The raid is the latest episode in a cat-and-mouse game between anti-spammers and Ralsky, 60, a gregarious, heavy-smoking ex-convict considered Public Enemy No. 1 in some pockets of the Internet.

Alan Ralsky has the questionable honor of being considered the worst spammer in the Spamhaus top 10. I’m glad to see someone actually doing something about it.