Everything playlist wrapup

The Everything playlist finished up around 2:00am this morning, after playing non-stop since the morning of October 1.

Some interesting stats:

There are 8,830 songs total. The first song after randomization was Don’t Go into the Barn by Tom Waits. The last song was Current 93′s Broken Birds Fly. The halfway position, song 4,415, belonged to Two Fine Days (and a Thunderstorm) by Div Juz.

The shortest song in our library is an untitled, zero-length track on Skinny Puppy’s Last Rights, while the shortest, non-zero length track is Coil’s two-second Absolute Elsewhere. The longest track is not actually a song, but The Secret Life of the Love Song, a 48 minute spoken piece by Nick Cave. The longest actual song is The Box (Extra Long Version) by Orbital coming in at 28:20.

There are 393 artists. The top ten artists, by number of complete albums in our collection, are:

  1. Current 93 – 26 albums
  2. Cocteau Twins – 13
  3. Death in June – 11
  4. Skinny Puppy – 9
  5. Tom Waits – 9
  6. Nick Cave – 8
  7. In the Nursery – 8
  8. Chris and Cosey – 7
  9. Death Cab for Cutie – 6
  10. Siouxsie and the Banshees – 6

The Current 93 should come as no surprise to anyone, but even I was surprised by numbers two through four. The Cocteau Twins only ranked so high because of that box set of EPs they released. I had no idea I had so much Death in June and Skinny Puppy, probably because I don’t listen to either of them much these days.

I think I’ll fill up my iPod today with only music I haven’t listened to regularly in at least three to five years.