Everything playlist

This “Everything” playlist is actually working out pretty well. Sarai relented on her earlier position and it’s been playing continuously since October first. We’re now on song 2,438 out of 8,830. We’ve been turning off the speakers occasionally, when we’re sleeping or watching a movie or something, but are trying to keep them on at all other times, from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Anything less would be cheating.

This was inspired by something Kathy Sierra said recently:

Ryan Rawson, who was in my session at the Amazon conference, said that putting his iPod Shuffle in shuffle mode has completely changed the way he listened to music, and sort of “forced” him to stop listening to the same things over and over. Think about that — how many of you load your MP3 player with 5,000 songs, but still end up playing the same five playlists?

This is, of course, exactly what I do with both my iPod and my iTunes library at home. I listen to maybe 25% of it fairly regularly and rarely, if ever, play the rest. Since I started this last week I’ve actually discovered new music in my own collection; some of it stuff I’ve forgotten about, and some that I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to at all (on compilations, for example).

Of course it isn’t flowing together as well as it might, but that’s what happens when you randomize playlists. First thing this morning we heard, in this order: Ofra Haza, Frank Sinatra, Chris and Cosey, Subhumans, and Ute Lemper. Our neighbors probably think we were crazy.