Web 1.0 Summit

The Web 1.0 Summit last night was entertaining, if nothing else. Also packed. I guess Merlin got his wish for a better turnout than last year. Having it in a bar instead of his garage probably helped as well. I don’t think the bar staff knew what hit them.

Web 1.0

I was going to take more pictures but as soon as I walked in the door and realized that the bar was very crowded and very hot I decided I’d be better off taking my jacket and bag back to my office which left me with no place to keep my camera. Naturally, carrying it in my hand all night would get in the way of drinking. So no pictures. That’s ok though, less than 24 hours later there are already 350 pictures on Flickr tagged Web 1.0. I’m in a few of them.

The fact that my boss is still living in 1997 came in handy last night, as I had his office bookshelf of mid-’90s era books to carry as props for the occasion. I decided on O’Reilly’s Whole Internet User’s Guide (1994) and something called the HTML Manual of Style published around the same time (“for users of Mosaic and other World Wide Web browser programs”!). Both drew compliments and admiring looks.