Web 2.1

I just found out about another Web 2.0 response this week, this one called Web 2.1: A BrainJam for the rest of us.

BrainJams are a new type of networking event based on the open source principles of sharing knowledge, solving problems, making friends and having fun doing it. We are still working to identify characteristics of these types of events, but feel it is sort of a mashup between a conference, an open source project and a networking event. Over at the BrainJams wiki, we are just beginning to discuss the potential of such events, gather best practices and define what we want them to be through the BrainJams wiki. "Web 2.1: A BrainJam for the rest of us" is an event that will apply the principles of BrainJamming to the general discussion on Web 2.0, what it's missing and what we want from Web 2.1 OK, so why are we doing this now, with less then a week to go before the event? We believe that the ability of a person to add value to a conversation has little to do with their ability to pay $3,000. As is the case with most people who want to participate in the conversation about Web 2.0 and Web 2.1, we don't have the money to attend that other conference. So instead we figured we would just hold our own.

This one is a bit more serious than Web 1.0 was and looks like an interesting idea. Too bad it's going on right now, even as I sit at work writing this. It's taking place today from 1:00 - 5:00pm, with an after party until 7:30. Too bad, but if it goes well maybe we'll see one next year (or sooner).


saraicat says:

All of this web 2.0 stuff is so confusing. But finally the "what the hell is web 2.0?" question will have an answer.


kchrist says:

I know exactly what web 2.0 is:

  • pretentious
  • oversized fonts
  • pastel colors
  • buzzwords
  • featureless "user experiences"
  • overly friendly and self-important copy
  • acronyms

Basically it's 1998 with less money and more metrosexuals.

(from a comment on a Signal vs. Noise post)

anonymous says:

Thanks for the link. :D

-ryan [http://theryanking.com]