What’s on your bookshelves?

In the spirit of What’s in your bag?, I’ve started What’s on your bookshelves? on Flickr. Take pictures of your bookshelves, upload them to Flickr, add notes, and tag them “whatsonyourbookshelves”.

What's on your bookshelves?

This is the bookcase in our living room: technology, HCI, design, religion, philosophy, etc.

This was prompted by Sarai and I reorganizing our bookshelves last weekend. I wanted to use the Dewey Decimal system but we don’t want to be sued so we ended up organizing everything ourselves. It’s all pretty arbitrary, but it mostly works.

In the process, we managed to pull out a good sized pile of books to sell at our neighbor’s yard sale next weekend. But even after that, we’ve still got three bookcases almost filled up, plus a few bookshelves we’ve got built-in around the house. I fear we’re going to need full-wall library shelves in our next place.


darkviolet9 says:

I like the Jesus action figures. =) Is that Yoda between them?

kchrist says:

Close, it’s a fat Chinese Buddha.

kchrist says:

And I can’t wait to see yours. I know you read a lot.

darkviolet9 says:

Yeah, but I’m lazy nd don’t have a flicr acct… maybe I’ll just take pictures on post em in my own journal. But don’t hold your breath…I’ve had my head up my ass lately. =P

avitania says:

Heh! How fun. I’m putting up one on my LJ as well.