Holiday cheer

I can accept that the holiday season makes certain types of people do weird things like decorating their cars for Christmas (eg, with bows and wreaths and such), but anyone who does this before Thanksgiving should be shot. It’s bad enough that retail stores start decorating in mid-October.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we’ll be in LA this weekend until Sunday. We’ll be at Release the Bats on Friday but don’t have any other plans for the weekend outside of the usual (family visits, Acres of Books, dreading going back to work, etc).


hexed says:


um… that’s pretty much all I had to say. I’ll have to make sure to make it to RtB then.

darkviolet9 says:

Yay! I’ll be making an appearance too! =)

shadyl says:

Wow, someone sure is a Grinch. snicker I’ll agree, before Thanksgiving is too early to decorate. At least wait until Thanksgiving Day. We don’t start decorating anything until December. But that doesn’t mean I won’t put the holiday mp3′s on my iPod a little early, though. (I can’t help it, Love Spirals Downwards version of “Welcome Christmas” is a favorite and makes me happy…)

kchrist says:

No, no, I love Christmas. Really. I just don’t think people should be allowed (under penalty of death, if necessary, or at least imprisonment) to start decorating before December 1. I also prefer that these decorations should be taken down by the end of December, but I’m willing to overlook it until as late as January 2.

Good thing I’m not dictator, huh?

How come I never knew you were a Lovespirals fan? They’re one of my favorite bands. Have you heard “Little Drum ‘n’ Bass Boy”? It’s brilliant. They did John Denver’s “Aspen Glow” as well, keeping with the holiday music theme.

This prompted me to look at their web site where I discovered that they released a new album just a few weeks ago. I just ordered a copy.