Thanksgiving weekend

Traffic to and from LA was surprisingly light. We learned from last year’s mistake and drove down early Thursday morning instead of Wednesday evening, saving probably a good two hours. We arrived around 2:00 — just in time to head over to Sarai’s family’s Thanksgiving festivities. This made for an exhausting day, but also a nice one. I really love Sarai’s family and these holiday get-togethers are always a good time.

We were all set for hellish traffic on the way back late Sunday morning but, aside from 30 minutes or so of congestion at the 5/210 merging, it was clear sailing all the way home. I was shocked and delighted. We got home by 6:00, a couple hours earlier than I expected to, even after making a few stops along the way.

Thanksgiving conveniently falls on a Release the Bats weekend, so we got to do that while we were in town. It was good seeing the old crowd again. We may be back on Christmas weekend.