I am tired of waiting for Livejournal to keep up with the times. It’s nearly 2006 and the LJ feature set is still stuck in 2002, it seems. While there are all kinds of cool and interesting things going on in the current crop of blogging applications, LJ has yet to provide anything as simple as searching your own post history, much less useful tagging, trackbacks, readable permalinks, etc.

I could go on, but I won’t.

So rather than continue waiting for features that may never come, I’ve instead spent the last month or so converting my web site to WordPress and importing my entire LiveJournal post and comment history. I’ve gone through and organized, categorized, and tagged the entire history, and all of it is now searchable. As well as this, everything is now under my own control, rather than stored and managed through a third-party service, I’ve got a huge selection of plugins at my disposal, and I can customize pretty much everything about it.

Most, if not all, of my new posts will be simultaneously posted to Livejournal by way of the Live+Press plugin for WordPress, starting with this one. It’s a little annoying though, so I don’t know how long I’ll keep using it. I will, of course, keep my LJ account around for reading and commenting. It would be cool if someone with a paid account syndicated my RSS feed.


The Livejournal syndication problem discussed in the comments to this post has been resolved (sort of).


goffchick says:

The comments one or the non comments one?

kchrist says:

It took me a minute to figure out what you were referring to but then I got it. The regular feed, please. The comments one is only comments, no actual posts. It’s mainly for keeping up on the conversation without having to go back to the site.


goffchick says:

Wasn’t sure about what exactly it was, so wanted to make sure. (I still haven’t put in a feedreader, since I got a not horribly slow and always off connection, I keep forgetting.)

What do you want the feed named?

kchrist says:

You’re a Mac user, right? I couldn’t live without NetNewsWire.

I guess you can call it voicesfromcatland or just use your imagination.

goffchick says:

Hm. LJ is apparently having issues retrieving the url, I’ll try again later. (Also, voicesfromcatland is too long- voices_catland works though, if that is acceptable to you, it also follows the lj feed thing of _s as much as possible.)

kchrist says:

That’s fine, the name isn’t really important.

Note that the links in my sidebar are feed: URLs: feed:/feed/

You may just need to strip off the feed: if you didn’t notice it.

goffchick says:

I did indeed notice. And I still get:

Error retrieving content

There was an error retrieving this URL. The server may be down or the content unavailable at this time. Please verify the URL you have provided and try again.

To which I say bah humbug, as I can read them in my browser, so I know they are not down!

goffchick says:

Hm. And it continues to do it. What’s the actual url url, not just the directory? Maybe it doesn’t like that it isn’t pointing at a file. I was able to create a feed of my site, so I know it is possible!

kchrist says:

God, Livejournal is so broken. The actual feed URLs, bypassing any mod_rewrite rules, are:


goffchick says:

Hm. Still not the problem. Very perplexing.

kchrist says:

Thanks for trying. I’ve decided to spring the $5 for a month of paid service so I can figure it out. I don’t want to make you do it all.

I see it still doesn’t work, no matter which feed I try to syndicate. I’ve opened a Livejournal support ticket for it. We’ll see what happens.

Nate says:

I’m also having no luck syndicating my wordpress RSS feed to LiveJournal. I’ve looked at a number of old bugs filed in the wordpress bugtracker but all of those problems look like they’ve been resolved. (for instance sending valid xml, but a 404 header) Let me know if you guys figure anything out! Thanks! -nate