More bored cops

Berkeley PD demonstrated their uselessness again yesterday by writing me a parking ticket for not having a front license plate on my car. I sure am glad they’ve finally solved all the real crime in this city, although I think I’d prefer their laying off all their extra officers now rather than sending them around looking for minor infractions on parked cars.

This is the second completely asinine ticket I’ve gotten in this neighborhood, while my repeated car break-ins and outright theft didn’t even raise the slightest interest in them. I don’t like making gross generalizations like “cops suck”, but it sure it hard not to sometimes.

I’ve only got three weeks to take care of it, which means I have to do it now, before we go out of town. As if I don’t have enough to do right now. At least it’s a fix-it ticket, which means it will only cost me $10 if I put the plate on, as opposed to $25 if I don’t, but it also means I have to take the time to go down to the police station to get it signed off. All because some traffic cop didn’t meet his quota this month. Fucking bastards.


the_yellow_book says:

I could’ve almost written this post first-hand myself ;)

Except I haven’t had the licence-plate problem. I do, however, have to move my car by 8am tomorrow morning to avoid getting a ticket :-/

Sorry that you’ve had car break-ins as well. I didn’t bother reporting it the last time it happened, but it’s only helpful for statistics gathering. Statistics that should suggest more patrolling and less ticket-giving. Parking is hard enough as it is! Jesus. And Meter-Maids (of both sexes) are incredibly rude! I was trying to pull OUT of my parking spot, but saw a little meter cart pulling up from behind in my rear-view mirror. The meter-lady marked my tire anyway and then drove past me even though I was halfway out of my spot, but had stopped so as not to KILL HER. ARGH!!!!

Anyway. Sorry ’bout that. I hope that all goes smoothly with your ticket-paying and licence-plate fixin’.