New Powerbook

I finally got the new Powerbook I’ve been putting off buying for the past two years or so.

Laptops Clockwise from top left: Sarai’s Titanium Powerbook, my new Powerbook, my old G3 iBook.

I got it a week or two ago and finished up copying stuff over and installing the essentials last night, so it’s now officially in use. It sure is nice having a modern laptop again. My iBook served me well but I didn’t plan on using it nearly this long. It was already a little out-of-date when I got it 2 1/2 years ago and now, while it’s still sufficient for the basics, anything remotely resource-intensive (eg, Photoshop, starting Firefox, etc) is painfully slow.

I got the standard 15 inch model, but upgraded the RAM from 512 MB up to 1 GB. Beyond that, everything I could possibly want is already included: dual-layer DVD burner, 802.11g, Bluetooth, gigabit ethernet, plenty of disk space, and more. The backlit keyboard and ambient light sensing is really neat too.

I had originally planned to sell my iBook at this time but it’s developed a video cable problem over the past couple months that will cost $300 to fix. Subtracting that from the current market value of a laptop this old doesn’t leave much left over for me, so I think I’ll hang on to it and keep it at work; it’s handy having a laptop to bring on my occasional client site visits. The one my boss uses for this purpose is even older and slower than this one (not to mention ugly, heavy, and running Windows).


Eric says:

If you ever decide you want to get rid of the old ibook, I’ll take it off your hands, even with the vid cable issue. …of course, I’m a broke-as-a-joke slacker, and can’t afford to pay anything, but I can smile prettily and make you think you’re doing a really amazing thing by supporting the mac fix of someone. (Hey, I can’t help it if I’ve always been a PC guy, who discovered the joys of a mac, and can’t afford one.)

Hey, it was worth a shot. shrug