Pre-vacation to-do list

Things we still have to deal with before leaving for vacation in five (!!!) days, in no particular order. Yay, procrastination!

  • Look into how and where to get a pre-paid SIM card for my mobile phone that will work in the three countries we’ll be traveling to. Should I get this before we go?
  • Buy pre-paid phone card for international calls back to the US to check voice mail, etc. Should I get this before we go?
  • Decide if we want to buy traveler’s checks or just rely on ATM and credit cards.
  • Figure out just what the hell we want to do in these cities other than just wander around and hang out in cafes all day.

Any and all advice is welcome.


sarah says:

we never do the travellers check thing anymore. credit cards tend to get the best rates anyway. it only sucks when your credit card decides to stop your card for NO REASON while you are in italy and then you keep getting disconnected when you call them up to get it fixed.


Avitania says:

having been to both vienna and prague, i’d say that you don’t really need the travellers checks. the ATM system is fine, and credit cards really do give you the best rate. i’ve done a fair amount of international travel in the past few years, and i’ve actually never used travellers checks. imho, they seem more trouble than they’re actually worth.

vienna is one of my favorite cities, actually. it’s beautiful. and fun to just walk the streets aimlessly. prague is great, too. it’ll be chilly, so bring a coat! :)

kchrist says:

i’ve done a fair amount of international travel in the past few years

And here you are posting from Tokyo!

Thanks for the tip, I think we’re going to skip the traveler’s checks. It seems much easier that way.

We’re looking at our Vienna TimeOut book as I write this. I think that, rather than making a list of things to do, we’re just going to spend our two days wandering around the Ringstrasse and, yes, sitting in cafes.