Xmas gifts

The best gift I received this year was a nice wood chess board. I used to play chess recreationally but haven’t played in years. I’ve been talking about buying a new one for a while but Sarai beat me to it. Thanks honey!

Chess board

In preparation for our upcoming vacation, my mom made us a travel kit of sorts, which included an AC power adapter to convert American devices to other voltages/sockets around the world, and to allow the use of foreign devices in the US. Also included was a bit of cash in the currencies used where we’re going: Hungarian Forints, Euros, and Czech Crowns. This is so we don’t have to convert currency at the airport and can instead wait until we can get to a bank where we’ll get a better exchange rate. It’s too bad all these countries aren’t all using the Euro yet, this would be much easier. I also wish American currency was this interesting looking.

Other gifts of note were James Bond DVDs (Dr. No and Goldfinger) and gift cards for Borders, Barnes and Noble, Tower, and Trader Joe’s.

Finally, I bought something for myself. This isn’t a Xmas gift to myself, but something I just happened to need right now: a suit. Try to contain your shock.

More pictures


Bubba Dubba says:

I don’t know about that suit. It makes you look like you should be getting paid at least 35% more than you’re making now.

Ben says:

Sharp looking suit!

kchrist says:

Bubba (or should I say Darren?): Well, it’s true, I should be!