Leaving town

We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and will be back on January 16. I’ll be reachable on my mobile until until we leave NYC this Saturday, and will be checking voice mail and e-mail from Europe once in a while after that. I still haven’t figured out what do do about the SIM card though. I suppose I’ll just find somewhere to buy one once we get over there.

I was hoping to leave work early today — I was shooting for around 1:00 — so I can finish getting things ready for tomorrow but, as luck would have it, today is one of those days where everything blows up at once. I’ve been busy nonstop since I got in this morning but finally have things mostly under control.

Just as I’m starting to think that I may be able to leave soon after all, my boss tells me he wants to replace one of our firewalls today (!!!). Right now, in the middle of the day, the day before I leave for two weeks, he wants to replace a firewall that is not only responsible for routing all our office traffic, but also the traffic for two other offices in our building. Proper planning is not one of his strong points, obviously. He hasn’t even notified the other people this will affect. I think I’ve convinced him that this is a bad idea and that I’ll get the new machine set up today, but that he really needs to wait for off-hours to actually switch them. sigh