Vacation, part 1: New York

The first place we went on our vacation was New York, for Rob and Sarah’s wedding. We flew out of Oakland on January 4, the rehearsal was on the 5th, the wedding was on the 6th, and we left NYC on the 7th, so we didn’t have time to do much non-wedding-related stuff. It was fine though, the wedding was the entire reason we were there and we had plenty of time to see Rob and Sarah, as well as hang out with lots of other people.

Sarai, being a bridesmaid, participated in the wedding rehearsal the day before the ceremony. While she was doing that I wandered around a bit but there just isn’t much to do in Lower Manhattan so after looking at the World Trade Center site, which I hadn’t seen before, I went back to the hotel and watched Star Trek: TNG in Sarah’s honor. After the rehearsal I met up with the wedding party for the post-rehearsal dinner, which was at a great Italian restaurant. We had glass after glass of wine, and course after course of good food, including the best amaretto tiramisu I’ve ever eaten.

The wedding ceremony itself, which was mostly conducted by a friend of Rob and Sarah’s, was really nice. Weddings, outside of the Las Vegas variety, have a tendency to drag on a bit, but this was really well done. It was fairly short, without being too short, if that makes any sense. More wine and another good dinner followed, with music, dancing, still more wine, and socializing after. It was a really good time and I wish the best for the two of them.

On the plane from Oakland to NYC I saw someone wearing a shirt that made me laugh. It read, “Ask me about intelligent design”. I couldn’t see if there was anything on the back but I hope it was a Flying Spaghetti Monster shirt. Surprisingly, Google doesn’t turn up anything in a search for that phrase.