Camera recommendations needed

I think the time has come to buy a new digital camera, something a bit nicer than the one I have now. I don’t know a lot about the current crop of cameras, but I know a few people reading this do, so I’m hoping to get some recommendations or advice.

Megapixels aren’t particularly important. I think our current camera is three megapixels, but I don’t use the highest resolution as it is. I rarely print photos and when I do, I don’t print them at large sizes. As far as physical size goes, smaller is better, but size isn’t a deal-breaker; I’m ok with a larger camera if it means better quality. I have a minor preference for compact flash media because I’ve already got a couple cards, but a different type is fine if there’s some advantage to it.

My motivation for wanting a new one is that my camera’s picture quality isn’t as good as I think it should be. In low light situations my pictures tend to come out blurry, grainy, or yellowish, sometimes all three. I think a faster camera might help with this. Even taking regular pictures, it seems to take a long time to focus and shoot. So speed and low light ability are the two main, possibly related, things I’m looking for. I’m looking at point-and-shoot models; SLRs are too expensive and I’m strictly amateur, so I can’t justify the expense of something professional quality. I think we’d like to stay under $400 unless we come across something really compelling.

So who can help us out with this? Post or e-mail me.