E-mail habits I’d love for you to lose

In the spirit of something Merlin posted to 43folders a few months ago, here are a few e-mail habits I’d love for you to lose:
  1. Using the CC field for all your recipients instead of BCC. I’ve been explaining why people shouldn’t do this for years, and guess what? They still are. At least one person I know has shown the courtesy to put my address in BCC when he sends out stuff like this but still puts everyone else in CC. Two points for respecting my request, but minus ten for completely missing the point.
  2. Sending me an e-mail with nothing but a URL contained within. If you don’t think it’s worth the extra two minutes effort to tell me why I should read it, I’m not going to make the effort to. Context, please.
  3. To expand on the previous point, sending out links, stories, pictures, etc, to all your friends. Install a copy of WordPress, or even get a LiveJournal account, and put this stuff there. Use del.icio.us or Ma.gnolia to pass your links around. Give everyone the ability to read your stuff via RSS at their convenience (or not, if they prefer), don’t fill our mailboxes with it.
  4. Including the complete text of the e-mail you’re replying to, including GPG signature, at the end of your message, yet not actually referring to it in any direct way. If you’re not going to quote it, just delete it, otherwise I have to scroll all the way down to be sure I’m not missing anything important.

So yes, please, evolve.

As an aside, in these days of ubiquitous broadband, extra cruft, attachments, etc, are not the big problem they once were back when everyone was using dialup. But now that more and more people are using mobile devices for e-mail, it’s becoming important again. We’ve come full circle.