Personal finance hacks

Does anyone know of a good community-driven site for personal finance tips? What I really want is something like 43 Folders, but with an emphasis on finance rather than organization and productivity.

I think I’m in fairly decent shape where this stuff is concerned: I have zero debt, and I’ve pared my living expenses down as much as I can without giving up the things I really want, but I don’t have much in the way of long-term savings and such. I have a decent amount in my 401(k) from Earthlink but I haven’t put anything into it since I left there, mainly because my current employer doesn’t have a program for it. When I have to do it myself, I don’t, apparently. I’m good at saving money, but it’s usually short-term: for example, a good part of my current savings will go toward the vacation we’re planning for this summer to celebrate Sarai’s graduation.

So anyway, I’m always looking for tips and advice for this type of thing. The Motley Fool has some good information, but I’m looking for something community-driven, where people contribute their own tips, suggestions, book recommendations, and so on. I just discovered that Lifehacker has a personal finance category, which bears looking into. But what else is there out there?

Also, what are some good books for this type of thing?


Kevin says:

My usual book recommendation is “The Wealthy Barber”.

Even if you don’t read the whole book, here’s the one key point you should take away: Open an investment account for long term / retirement savings and set up automatic payments (in the neighborhood of 10% of your income) into that account. This is how you actually enforce a long-term savings plan on yourself.

Kenn Christ says:

Noted, thanks. I’ve added it to my Amazon wish list until I get a chance to flip through it a little (that’s my usual three-step “remind myself, investigate, order” process for buying books I don’t know a lot about).