Pillow Fight Club

Pillow Fight Club

The most amazing thing about Pillow Fight Club was that we had a few hundred people hitting each other with pillows for a full half hour, with feathers six inches deep in places, and not a single cop showed up.

The rest of our pictures are on Flickr. There are lots of others on Flickr already as well, tagged pillow fight club or sf pillow fight.


The San Francisco Chronicle has an article about it: Hundreds attend mass pillow fight


Simone says:

This is a pretty incredible form of unity amongst strangers.
Very SF ;) Endearing and fun.

I wonder what the unsuspecting onlookers thought!

Kenn Christ says:

While this is the first time it’s happened in SF, they’ve been going on for a while in other parts of the world. According to the Wikipedia article they started in the UK.

I don’t know what they were thinking, but we saw quite a few people looking out the windows of the Hyatt which overlooked the plaza. Before it went off, we also had a few people ask why so many people in the vicinity were carrying pillows around.

Chris Heuer says:

We went from the pillowfight to dinner at One Market with lots of feathers in my hair still. The people there found it very amusing and very “San Francisco” – most were simply perplexed as to what was going on. Needless to say, not many people came up to us to say hello – in fact, the only one to do so was the Paraduxx winemaker (really cool guy from down under and their PR person)

My photos are here

Kenn Christ says:

We briefly thought about looking for after-fight get-togethers but ended up going straight home. Taking BART back to Berkeley covered in feathers, we got a few looks but only one guy asked about it. Toward the end of the ride someone else asked how it went and said she wished she could have made it.

Coffee says:

I was there watching from the sidelines. Too bad we didn’t bump into each other. I wonder if I can still recognize you after 4 years.