WordPress upgrade

Over the weekend I upgraded WordPress from 1.5 to 2.0. Not much has changed from a reader’s viewpoint, but the administrative interface has been redesigned and is much easier on the eyes now. I followed the instructions on the WordPress wiki and the upgrade went without a hitch.

One nice feature of the new WP post editor is the preview frame, which shows you what your post will look like once it’s published. I had a little trouble trying this out because I’ve got a bit of JavaScript on my site that fixes broken links from web sites using frames that don’t set the window target correctly. This meant that every time the post preview loaded, I would be redirected out of the editor. I’ve had to comment this out for now until I get around to fixing it. I can probably just leave it out entirely now; not many people are using frames these days, thankfully. I was also happy to see that this version fixed the annoying behavior where posting a link to one of my previous entries would sent a trackback to myself.

While I was at it, I updated all my plugins and was happy to find that only one doesn’t work in WP2. I was happy about this because the plugin in question was Live+Press, which I didn’t like anyway. This prompted me to seek out something better, which I found in Livejournal Crossposter (LJXP, for short). Where Live+Press tried to do everything, like supporting music and mood fields and offering lots of per-post options, LJXP’s configuration is very simple: it’s pretty much just off or on, with a couple options regarding where to send people for comments. This is fine with me, as I didn’t use all the extra cruft in Live+Press anyway. I’m a big fan of simple things that just work. Another nice surprise is that, while Live+Press claims to be able to update existing LJ posts via the WordPress editor, in my experience it doesn’t work nine times out of ten. LJXP, on the other hand, works perfectly here. The code is clean, and easy to read, which made it easy to modify how it displays the link back to my site. Now if only I could get it to copy my WordPress tags to the LJ entries…

Speaking of Livejournal, while LJXP is doing it’s job just fine, LJ isn’t doing it’s part. I posted yesterday about Pillow Fight Club, and it was copied to my Livejournal just as it should be, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared on anyone’s friends pages.


This post had the same problem of not showing up on friends pages. Looking at the post via LJ revealed that it was marked as backdated, which seems to be causing the problem. Unticking that box makes it show up normally. Something in the LJXP code checks post dates to determine whether the LJ post should be backdated or not (if you’re editing an older post, for example), but it’s being set on everything for some reason.


I read over the comments on the LJXP page and found my LJ post backdating problem discussed at length. That’s what I get for skipping reading comments, I guess. As recommended, I’ve upgraded LJXP to the development version, 1.4, and the problem is fixed. Excellent.


Eric Scalf says:

Correct. Backdated entries do not show on friends’ pages on LiveJournal. Otherwise, your friends list would be permeated with “FRIENDS ONLY” entries, etc…

As for LJXP marking everything backdated… If it scans LiveJournal to see if there is a post “newer” than your current, and you have a post (say a friends only banner) that has been vastly future dated, that could be causing the issue. Otherwise, I’d say it’s a glitch in the code, and you’re probably better off mangling it by hand and disabling the backdate routines. The only time they are really needed is if you future-date a post.