When I wasn’t looking, ICANN created the .cat top-level domain!

It was approved in September 2005 and registration opens to the public on next month. It was created for content of interest to the “Catalan linguistic and cultural community”:
Must the web site be in Catalan? No. But if it is in Catalan, you will not need to justify anything else. However, if there is not a significant part of the web site in Catalan, it will not be possible to apply for a .cat domain without proving your links with the Catalan linguistic and cultural community. If you can demonstrate any relation with the promotion of the Catalan culture or language, even if your web site is in any other language, you can get a .cat domain.
Cat galleries are right out, I’m afraid:
ICANN has expressly prohibited the use of the .cat domain for pages about cats, unless they are written in Catalan or concerning Catalan culture.

So this is another TLD created solely for a special-interest group, to describe the content of web sites using it (not that cat pictures would be any different, but that was a joke). Score another one for ICANN stupidity and money-grabbing domain registrars.