Pre-trip roundup

Wow, I thought I was unprepared for our last trip. We’re leaving for Italy tomorrow afternoon and we haven’t even finished writing our pre-packing checklist yet, much less actually started packing. And I’m at work today, leaving me only tonight and tomorrow morning. Ugh. The past week or two has been a complete whirlwind; we haven’t even had a chance to think about it much until this weekend.

Sarai has finally finished school and is now a Master of Information Science (or something like that)! She put in a lot of hard work over the past two years. I don’t know how she did it sometimes. It’s truly amazing. Her graduation ceremony was nice. Both our families came up for it and met each other for the first time. I think they all got along pretty well. It was hot and sunny and everyone got a little sunburned. I took some pictures, which Sarai has put on Flickr. The keynote address at the graduation ceremony was given by Tim O’Reilly on all the usual topics: The future of technology, Web 2.0, the network being the computer, etc. I think he’s given this one before. Regardless, it was a good speech, and even our parents seemed to get it (mostly).

In other Sarai news, she co-wrote a paper that was recently published by First Monday, a web-based, peer-reviewed academic journal. The paper is the headline article for this month’s issue: Open Source Disaster Recovery: Case Studies of Networked Collaboration. Pretty exciting.

The trip: We’re flying to Rome tomorrow but will actually arrive Wednesday morning local time. We’ll be there for three days before taking the train to Florence for three days, and from there going to Venice for another three. Our neighbor downstairs will be house-sitting and taking care of the cats while we’re gone. I expect to come back with a lot of pictures.