Transparent development

The folks behind Carson Workshops, Vitamin, and DropSend are launching a new web application. The interesting thing about this is that they’re blogging the entire process, from the initial wireframing to the completed product.

The blog, Bare Naked App, was started in February when they began the wireframing. In mid-March they laid out their milestones and have set June 22 as the launch date. Now, in mid-May, they’ve made nearly 30 posts about the development process as work progresses.

It’s interesting to get this kind of insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes of something like this, and I’m sure it’s creating a lot of interest in the application itself. I discovered this project today and have subscribed to their RSS feed, but haven’t read through all the archives yet, so at this point I don’t even know what the application is going to be (or if they’ve even disclosed that). Regardless, I’m interested enough to keep reading.


David Stone says:

Ryan & Gill say on the about page “The only thing we won’t tell you is what the app does – at least not until we launch.”, so I’m afraid you’ll have to keep guessing until then!!

Also, just letting you know that Bare Naked App only went live this week, you’ve not been missing out since February!

Kenn Christ says:

I noticed that shortly after posting this. It’s referred to as “the list app” in one place which, intentional or not, may be a bit of a hint…

David Stone says:

No comment.. guess you’ll just have to wait..