Web host telemarketing

Sarai registered a new domain last month and used my phone number as the contact number. Last week I got a call from Aplus.net trying to sell me hosting for it. The guy on the phone, when I asked straight off if this was a sales call, said “It’s not really a sales call, but it could turn into one…” Enough said. I informed him that a) telemarketing to mobile phones is illegal, and b) we already have web hosting, as he no doubt noticed from the whois info for the domain. He told me I shouldn’t use my mobile phone number in domain registrations if I don’t want sales calls. Nice.

So we’ve now got web hosting companies watching new domain registrations and telemarketing for hosting service? This is all I need to keep me from ever giving them my business.

Update: After being corrected (see comment attached to this post), I realized I had the wrong company. It wasn’t A+ Hosting, but the similarly-named Aplus.net. A google search for “aplus.net telemarketing” backs that up. Sorry about that, guys.


Peter says:


You are confusing A+ Hosting with aplus.net.

A+ Hosting (aplushosting.com) does not make sales phone calls. Aplus.net does. They have their own domain registry and thus have access to all information on domain registrations.


Kenn Christ says:

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve corrected the post. Sorry for the mix up.