Birthday wrapup

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday, especially Sarai, but not including my boss who didn’t offer to let me take the day off. Damn.

As a birthday present to myself I ordered a new mobile phone, which should be delivered tomorrow. I’m replacing my Nokia 3660 with a Motorola RAZR V3. Sarai wanted me to get this new phone in pink but I opted for the plain aluminum to match my Powerbook. I got it quite a bit cheaper than the price on that page because T-Mobile offers a better price in exchange for adding another two years onto your contract. Ugh. I hate pretty much all phone companies but mobile phone carriers are the worst.

Sarai bought me the ten DVD box set of the complete Prisoner series, which is something I’ve been talking about buying for years but never seemed to get around to. She also made a wonderful dinner of asparagus risotto, toasted bread with goat cheese, walnuts, and date glaze, nice wine, and a strawberry tart.