How to read this site

I’ve decided to stop using the LiveJournal-Crossposter plugin on my WordPress site. This means that posts will no longer be automatically posted to my LiveJournal account. I’m going to keep my LJ account around, of course, but it will be used for commenting and only occasional posts.

There are still a few ways to keep up without having to actually go and check my site periodically. The preferred method is to use my RSS feed. Drop this link into your feed reader and you’ll see new posts when I write them. This feed is also syndicated via Livejournal for LJ users who don’t use a feed aggregator. This basically achieves the same thing as my using the LJ-crossposter.

You can also subscribe to my site via e-mail and receive a nightly e-mail with the posts I’ve made that day. I’ve been trying this out myself and it’s really unobtrusive. You get a single e-mail on days I post, and nothing on days I don’t. The nightly e-mails will contain all the posts from that day, in the event there are more than one.


Keeping track of blog comments and followups has always been a problem. I have a comments feed that shows all recent comment activity to all posts on the site. Subscribe to this the same way you do my regular feed. You can also get follow-ups to your comments by mail. When you leave a comment on one of my posts you’ll now see a checkbox labeled “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. You’ll get an e-mail when other comments are made to that single post only. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

coComment and Co.mments are free services that, while they don’t notify you directly when followups are posted (at the time of this writing, anyway), they can at least help you keep track of where you’ve commented so you’re able to go back and look for responses.

Feed readers

If you don’t have a feed reader, I recommend NetNewsWire for Mac users. NetNewsWire was recently bought by NewsGator, who also has a Windows reader called FeedDemon. I haven’t used the Windows client, but hopefully it’s in the same class as NetNewsWire. NewsGator also has a web-based feed aggregator similar to BlogLines.