Laptop envy

Sarai has always had better laptops than me. She had a laptop long before I ever did; she got her old Wall Street G3 Powerbook when I was still using a home-built beige desktop tower. She got her Titanium G4 shortly after moving back from NYC, right around the time I got my Dell Inspiron. In retrospect, I should have bought a Powerbook myself, but I didn’t yet know that I wanted to switch™. I reached that point, I don’t know, maybe three months after spending too much money on that Dell.

About a year after that, when she worked for Apple, she got me a deal on a “refreshed” (ie, bought, then returned) iBook. It was one revision out of date and only $500. This was a great price; right after I bought it I saw a comparable one at CompUSA for $900. After using this for a couple months I sold my Dell on Ebay for half of what I paid for it, only a year and a half after buying it. The iBook was slow and, at 12 inches, smaller than what I wanted, but the idea was that after getting accustomed to OS X I’d sell both it and the Dell and buy a Powerbook. This was right around the time everyone expected a portable G5 to be announced, so I fell into the trap of waiting for the next big thing and held off on buying for a while.

I ended up using that little iBook for two and a half years, until last December when I finally bought a G4 Powerbook. I’ve been perfectly happy with this machine since then. Until yesterday, that is, when Sarai came home from her first day at the new job and showed me the 2.16 GHz, dual core, 2 gigs of RAM MacBook Pro they gave her.