Late birthday gift?

We took the car in yesterday for some routine maintenance and to get our air conditioner looked at. The AC works, but it makes this god awful noise, loud enough that there’s obviously something wrong. We were right that it sounded like a belt making all the noise, but didn’t suspect the cause of that problem, which is that the compressor is locking up and needs to be replaced, which pretty much means replacing the whole AC. For $900. Needless to say, we’ll be doing without one for a while while I decide if I want to spend nearly 25% of what I paid for the entire car on this.

I picked it up after work today. As I got in the car and got situated, putting my bag and jacket on the passenger seat, I thought I noticed something a little different. Yes, that’s it, there used to be a big hole in my dashboard where that stereo is now. What? Where the hell did that come from? I checked that I was in the right car, checked that I wasn’t hallucinating, and checked that I was still of sound mind. Affirmative on all counts. So I went back inside and cautiously told them that I realize this might sound a little strange, but I don’t understand why there’s a stereo in my car when there wasn’t one before. They didn’t seem to know any more about it that I did, even after walking one of the mechanics out and showing him. He insisted that they don’t install stereos there and don’t even have them around, so he had no idea how it could have gotten there. I kind of got the idea he thought I was crazy and that I just forgot I had one. In the end he just kind of shrugged and said well, you have one now. So I do.

It’s nothing great, just a stock Acura branded AM/FM/cassette thing, but it’s better than what I had before (ie, nothing). Especially now that Sarai’s about to start work down in Mountain View, she’ll appreciate having music in the car. Shame about the AC though, now that summer is coming. Assuming, of course, that the shop doesn’t call back once they realize their mistake. Sarai suggested that they had to open up the dash to look at the AC and when they put it back together they picked up a stereo that had been taken out of someone else’s car, which makes sense. I guess we’ll find out if they call me back.

It’s very weird. I’m used to having stereos taken out of my cars without my knowledge, not put in.


rob says:

hahaha! i can picture you sitting in the car, looking around for signs that it was indeed YOUR car.
i found a $20 bill on the sidewalk on my way home wednesday evening.

oh shit, yeah… happy (belated) birthday, kenn.