Network Solutions telemarketing

There are lots of reasons not to register domains through Network Solutions. I discovered a new one when I got a call this morning.

After asking for me by name, the caller noted that I have a number of domains registered through Network Solutions and asked if I ever get commercial solicitations via phone or e-mail to the contact information I have in my whois info. Yes, I said, of course I do. Telemarketing is rare, but not unheard of, while spam is the real problem.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the call at this point. It crossed my mind briefly that maybe they wanted to start cracking down on companies that misuse whois data, but I quickly dismissed that thought as hopelessly optimistic, given who we’re talking about. That was confirmed as soon as the caller opened her mouth again:

“Would you be interested in hearing about a service we provide…”

I quickly cut her off and asked if she was seriously telemarketing a service to prevent telemarketing. Isn’t this a little like spammers advertising spam filters (sadly, I’ve actually seen this). She said she was just trying to bring my attention to some of the other (paid) services Network Solutions offers. I did the usual pointing out that telemarketing to mobile phones is illegal and asked her to put my number on their do not call list. It’s already on the national list, but that doesn’t apply to companies I already have a business relationship with.

A great way to sever a business relationship is doing stuff like this though. This is particularly bad because I’ve explicitly unticked all the “It’s ok to contact me about…” boxes in my Netsol user profile, yet they did it anyway.

I know I really should consider moving my registrations elsewhere, but it seems that every registrar out there has these sorts of problems. Domain registration is a sleazy business, and I don’t think there really are any good companies to work with.