Obsolete media

It turns out that cassette player I found installed in my car last week doesn’t actually work. The radio works fine, except for the LED display, and it doesn’t play tapes at all. We’re still hoping one of those cassette adaptors will work so we can use our iPods. It won’t matter soon anyway, I was planning on finally installing a CD/MP3 player soon so this is just a stop-gap measure at best.

Before I discovered it didn’t actually play tapes, I had to find some. I dug up my old tape case that I’ve kept around in the hopes that I could find someone to encode some of them to MP3 for me. After not thinking about it for a good couple years I posted an ad to this effect on Craigslist yesterday. Shortly after posting it, however, I realized that I could just buy the ones I still wanted for probably less than it would cost me to pay someone to rip them all, so down came the ad.

I’ll probably just drop the whole tape case off at Goodwill the next time I’m down there, but I’ll offer it here first as a grab bag: 29 tapes in a 30-slot Caselogic case, free for the taking. I’m not going to say what they are, but I’ll hint as to the type and quality of the music: seven of them I have since replaced with CDs, eleven I would still listen to if I had them in a format I could use, four I might still listen to once or twice, and the rest I don’t care about. These tapes are from my music collection around 15 years ago, before I started buying CDs, and so they include old goth, punk, and industrial, but are not limited to those genres.

Any takers?