Synaesthetic Network hosting

I’ve recently decided to revisit my original plans for Synaesthetic Network and start offering hosting. At this time, I’m still hosting everything at Dreamhost, and whether that changes or not depends on where this hosting idea of mine goes. My service level at Dreamhost is simply absurd, and I’m not even using 10% of what I have available, so this is my way of putting the excess to good use. At this time, all services are free.

Web site hosting, domains and subdomains, e-mail, Jabber, and shell accounts, with managed WordPress blog hosting in the works. Synaesthetic Network Hosting is now open. Come on in and take a look.


Simone says:

That’s really cool. If I’m understanding this correctly.
So…If I want a domain and buy one…you could host it?

I just don’t understand how the interweb works…even though Patrick kind of explained it to me one day…

I was thinking about getting the domain for my blog (and the domain name is actually available it seems!), but I don’t even remotely understand how to 1) get domain, 2) make it web-sitey, and 3) put my baby TypePad blog on the website.

You tech folk are the new alchemists, really.

Kenn Christ says:

Well, Typepad is already a hosted service, so if you bought a domain for your existing blog you’d just point it to their service. You don’t need your own hosting for a situation like that. You will still need DNS and e-mail hosting, which I might be able to do, but I’ll have to check on something to make sure.

The managed blog hosting I have planned will be similar to how Typepad works, but it’s not nearly ready yet.

Erik says:

Hey there. I was wondering if you were using a program or template for I really like the layout and I’m trying to put together the pre wedding website. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Also I’m going to be up in San Francisco from June 19th-23rd. Any chance you two might be up for drinks?

Kenn Christ says:

The photo gallery application I’m using is the unimaginatively named Gallery, version 2.x. It comes with a few themes, but I’m using the default with some very minor modifications, mainly just to simplify the UI a bit.

I think we’d definitely be up for drinks. Get in touch when you know what your plans are.

Simone says:

Re: Kenn’s response:

Haha. I shouldn’t even venture to ask such questions, but thank you for the info anyway.