Tikipedia.Org for sale

Last summer I had a brilliant idea: Create a Wikipedia-like web site focused on everything tiki: bars, cocktails, whatever. It was going to consist of a WordPress blog and, of course, a wiki for user contributions. It was going to have a a similar look to Wikipedia, but tiki-themed. The name I chose for it? What else but Tikipedia?


Fast forward a year and I’ve got nothing to show for it but a domain name and a matching WordPress and Mediawiki themes, half finished. I’ve lost interest in part because there are already some great tiki resources out there that I couldn’t hope to top:

The first two, Humu Kon Tiki and Critiki, are run by someone right here in the bay area. Humu Kon Tiki is a blog focused primarily on San Francisco and Los Angeles. I recommend it highly to tiki aficionados in either of these areas.

So, all that said, tikipedia.org is now for sale. Any reasonable offer will be accepted, including trades. It’s registered until April 2007.

Another unused domain of mine, inmostnight.org, is still available as well.


Tikipedia.org expired on April 5, 2007, and will likely be snapped up and converted into a link farm by domain squatters shortly.


Humuhumu says:

Hey, thanks for the kind words about my sites! The Bay Area & L.A. are my primary stomping grounds, but the only real reason the coverage is a bit heavier for those areas is that it’s where the lion’s share of the tiki is happenin’. Humu Kon Tiki reports on tiki stuff all over the world.

The third site, Tiki Central, is also run from the Bay Area — that’s the site of my lovah, best friend and roomie, Hanford Lemoore. Come join us some Wednesday at Forbidden Island!