LiveJournal Jabber service

Jabber, as most people now know, is a free, open-source instant messaging network and protocol. I’ve been trying to promote Jabber usage whenever possible, but very few people seem to be adopting it. Now it’s even easier.

First, Google Talk made it easy. If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google Talk account (which is actually a Jabber account). Most of the available Jabber clients support multiple protocols/networks, so you don’t even need to run a second program or stop using AIM to use Jabber.

Now, LiveJournal has a Jabber server. If you have a LiveJournal account, you have a Jabber account. Details are in the linked post, but the basics are that your Jabber ID is, and your LJ friends list is automatically synced with your Jabber contact list. Very neat. Best of all — and this is true for any Jabber service — if you use your LJ Jabber account you can talk to people using Gtalk accounts or any other Jabber account.

And of course, if you have a Synaesthetic.Net account, you have a Jabber account. So stop using proprietary, commercial, instant messaging services and join us in open standards land. It’s nicer over here.