Long Beach bar hopping

We did a bit of bar hopping in Long Beach Sunday night. If you can call it that; we only actually had drinks in one bar out of the three we walked to.

The first was the V Room, a nice little dive with a good jukebox and carpeted walls (???). A round of drinks for seven people came in a few dollars under $30, and they pour their whiskey nice and full. No complaints there. The bar was mostly empty when we arrived, and mostly full when we came back after leaving for a bit, but we were still able to get tables enough for the group of us.

Next up was Fern’s, which was a complete waste of time. The bartender checked our IDs upon walking in and had a problem with Nathan’s, which had recently expired. She apparently doesn’t understand the concept of time, as she seemed to think that he may have gotten younger since the expiration date (never mind that he is obviously over 21). It wouldn’t have been so bad except that she was extremely sarcastic and rude, even going to far as to say that Nathan “can’t take care of his shit”. This is what passes for customer service in this place? Or is decent service just not punk rock? It’s good to know that they’re doing so well that they can afford to turn away a group of seven paying customers (and generous tippers), even when the bar is 3/4 empty on a holiday weekend. With service like this, it’s no wonder the Red Room, another dive bar down the block, was near capacity.

We had planned to stop by the Red Room after Fern’s, but it was too crowded for our group, so we ended up going back to the V Room, where there were still tables available.

We drove up to Pasadena on Monday, so I took the opportunity to stop by Mission Liquor to pick up a couple bottles of Youri, which I still haven’t found for under $50 a bottle in San Francisco (it’s $27 at Mission Liquor).