New business cards

Since I’m on the job market again and am going to a couple conference-type things soon, I decided to get some business cards printed up.

Business cards

The back is blue with a subtle pattern of three lighter blue spots. The front is white with black and blue text and three black circles. The text is just name, phone number, e-mail address, and the words “linux sysadmin, web geek”. These are my quasi-professional cards, so the don’t have my web site URL or my usual “kchrist” e-mail address. Not too professional; I kept it a little informal by using “geek”, but it’s probably better to avoid bringing up the Christ obsession.

There was a real temptation to over-design these but I wanted to keep them fairly minimalist. I finally came up with an idea for keeping them nice and simple, but also doing something original: The circles are hand-colored with colored pencil, so each card is unique. I’m about halfway through coloring them now. We’ll call this iteration one though, because I’m already thinking of ways I could have improved them.

I ordered them from Overnight Prints, who did a pretty good job. They offer priority printing and shipping, but even using the basic one I got my cards in nine days, or six working days. It was just $25 for 100 full color, double-sided cards, including shipping. They offer the option of a glossy finish for no extra charge, which I didn’t take advantage of.

Overnight Prints is an unusual company. With any order they’ll throw in a box of 100 free cards, your choice of either Freedom Cards or Angel Cards, featuring patriotic or religious images and quotes. This type of thing will usually turn me off but, browsing around their site a little, I found something that alleviated the discomfort: In addition to printing custom designs they also have a large selection of stock images you can choose from, including a big open source section. Designs include Firefox, Linux, PHP, and more.