Vox review

I’ve been playing around with Six Apart’s newest blogging application, Vox. My Vox blog is, predictably, kchrist.vox.com. Overall I’m pretty impressed. I’m not in the market for something like this, but it’s definitely a step up from LiveJournal and I’d recommend people switch once it’s publically available.

In a nutshell, Vox is a Livejournal-like blogging and social networking application. You get the blog and friends lists you get with LJ, plus photos, videos, a book list, and unified tagging and organizing across all different media types. Photos, videos, and book lists are integrated with Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, and more, which makes things even easier. Unlike LiveJournal, you also get human readable URLs so links make much more sense.

Notably missing are trackbacks/pingbacks, but as this is in beta I expect they’ll show up eventually. Ditto for some of the clunkiness and/or brokenness of the media selector.

One of my original questions about Vox was why it exists at all, why Six Apart didn’t just expand Livejournal’s feature set until it matches what they’re doing here. I thought this might be an indicator that the LJ code base is already pushed as far as it can be and so it was actually easier to start from scratch than to shoehorn more functionality into LJ. After looking around Vox a bit more I now suspect that isn’t the reason, but that they want to create something a little more upscale and didn’t want to be burdened with the baggage thats attached to the Livejournal name. Time will tell, I suppose.

Vox is still in limited release beta. Accounts are given apparently at random to people who sign up on Six Apart’s site.


Densemore says:

Yeah, it seems cool, but it looks like there’s no way to choose the date and time for a post.

Are you able to backdate posts?

sjm says:

Yes, now you can backdate, just added the ability recently….

Robert says:

Just got my login for Vox. It is really slick. I’m in the market for a really simple blogging platform, but at this point it seems almost TOO simple. I really do hope they add some more functionality, such as customized sidebars for personal links, that kind of thing.

Or maybe I’m just missing something.