WordCamp conference

WordCamp is a one day conference for WordPress users and developers. It will be held on Saturday, Aug 5, 2006, at a yet-to-be-decided location in San Francisco. Attendance is free.

Some session ideas have been collected and it looks like a pretty good list. I’m particularly interested in the topic of using WordPress as a general content management system rather than just a blogging application. I’ve done some basic experimenting with this sort of thing for the Synaesthetic Network site and I’m interested in seeing what other people are doing and what else can be done. A plugin development tutorial would be interesting too, but there’s plenty of information on the web for that.

At the time of this writing, 346 people have signed up to show their interest (I’m number 98). At this point finding a venue and keeping it free of charge may be challenging, even if they only plan for half of these people to show up. I hope it works out though, as I’m pretty interested in this. I’ll definitely be there.