LA this weekend

Sarai and I are taking advantage of the three day weekend by driving down to LA. We’d like to meet people for drinks Saturday evening. I’m thinking Long Beach again or maybe LA tiki bars. Any takers?


heatherlbc says:

zoinks… there’s TOO MUCH going on Saturday, I’ll be all over the place or I would join you.
I was contemplating a Sunday Dive Bar fiasco, but I know the Pixie wanted to go to Malediction… but I’m not sure I wanna do that much clubbin’
I have to figure out a couple other things too, but keep the updates coming, and I’ll see what I can do. It’s always a pleasure when you two visit.

Kenn Christ says:

Come on, what plans do you have Saturday that can’t be changed? You want to go out with us instead, trust me.