tour aggregation

I just discovered, a web service for finding and keeping track of upcoming tours and live shows. You add a list of bands you’re interested in, either manually or by importing a playlist from iTunes or, and it will tell you about upcoming shows in your area. You can subscribe via RSS or iCal, and can receive reminders via e-mail or SMS.

The really amazing thing about this is that last year Sarai got the idea of doing something similar for her final project at SIMS. She ended up joining someone else’s project in the end, but we talked about it a bit and came up with a selection of features we would want in an application like this. is almost exactly what we had in mind. There’s nothing quite like lamenting the fact that an extremely useful service doesn’t exist and then discovering that someone else had the same idea and actually built it.

I uploaded a big list this morning and have already discovered upcoming shows I didn’t know about, and have subscribed to both the RSS and iCal feeds. Their database doesn’t yet have all the artists I selected but it can only get better as more people start using it. I just hope the developers have a revenue plan and aren’t hoping to sell out to Ticketbastard (please don’t!).

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mike says:

Glad is helping you find shows. It’s funny how many people have told me they had the same idea for a site. One of those ideas floating around in the ether, where lots of folks know there must be better way to find shows than reading so many websites, relying on word of mouth, etc.

As you use the site, we’re definitely open to hearing how we can make it better.