Crass: The book

The Story of Crass

After that disappointing punk documentary I watched recently and the conspicuous absence of the UK anarcho-punk movement, I got to thinking about it and wondered if anyone had ever made a film about this. I looked around a bit but was unable to find anything. Too bad, it would be interesting, yet it isn’t altogether surprising that it doesn’t exist.

Monday I got David Tibet’s occasional newsletter in which he mentioned that he had been interviewed for a forthcoming book, titled The Story of Crass, which is officially sanctioned by the band.

This work presents an amazing account of the subversive band that took punk to the limit. Crass was the anarcho-punk face of a revolutionary movement founded by radical thinkers Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant. When punk ruled the waves, Crass waived the rules and took it further, putting out their own records, films and magazines and setting up a series of situationist pranks that were dutifully covered by the worlds press. Not just another iconoclastic band, Crass was a musical, social and political phenomenon.

There’s also a MySpace page for the book (is MySpace just an advertising platform now?) with a little more information. Amazon has a four to six week wait for shipping, so I’m going to have to wait until after the move to order my copy.