Moving to SF

This morning I received word that we were approved for an apartment we applied for last week. Coming after about a month of apartment hunting, this is great news. There’s a lot of competition for housing around San Francisco right now, and it seems like every place we liked had a big list of other applicants who also wanted it, leaving it to the luck of the draw, or whoever makes the most money, or has been at their current jobs/apartments the longest.

But our work has finally paid off. The new apartment is in the Mission, at Harrison and 25th, and it’s close to transportation, lots of bars, restaurants, and cafes, and about a dozen produce markets. We’re down to one bedroom, but we gained a dining room, a private garage, and three bay windows. We’re also paying three hundred per month more than we’re paying in Berkeley, but considering we even got a garage with the new place, I think we’re getting off cheaply, especially compared to the prices of some of the other places we looked at.