Record low temperatures in Hell reported

I’ve mentioned to a couple people recently that I’ve got a lot going on right now, but haven’t elaborated much. I didn’t mean to be secretive; I just didn’t yet know enough details to start talking. But now the plans are beginning to finalize and we’ve made the first rounds of announcements to our families: After five years together, and living together for three and a half, Sarai and I have decided to get married.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The date we’ve chosen is September 14, 2007. Although we picked this date pretty much at random, it turns out this is also Sarai’s grandparents’ anniversary, which is kind of neat. We didn’t realize this until we told her grandmother last weekend. The ceremony and reception will be in Berkeley, at the Brazilian Room at Tilden Park. It will be pretty informal and definitely non-traditional. We’re not doing anything weird, but we’re not real concerned with the way weddings are usually done.

We gave ourselves about a year to plan things because we’re going to be doing most of the preparation ourselves. Invitations won’t go out until a couple months before and we’ve only just begun making a guest list, but most of our friends can probably assume they’re invited.

Watch this space for updates.


sarah says:


tell S to call me!

Diana says:

Congrats!! I’m so happy for you both.

alli says:

wow congratulations to both of you!


heatherlbc says:

YAY!!!! OMG !!!! STFU!!! that is so cool!
Congratulations… I thought the ground was feeling chilly : )
how exciting. Next time you’re down, we’re having a toast to this!

angeldye says:


AMAZING! congrats to you both!!!!

Kenn Christ says:

Thanks, everyone!

Heather: That’s why I wanted to go out for a drink last weekend, so we could make the announcement in person! But no one was around!

Simone says:

That’s wonderful news!

Nathan says:


You two make a perfect match!

Mot says:

I’m speechless.