This city would be great if it weren’t for the people

We saw Mojave 3 at Slim’s last night. I hadn’t heard any of the music from their new album, Puzzles Like You before last night but had read that it tended toward the “poppy”. I had a little trouble imagining this, but it seems to be true.

They opened with two new songs, followed by one or two mixed into the rest of their set of mainly older material. My first impression was that I wasn’t real crazy about the new stuff; it’s not the Mojave 3 I know and love, dammit! But I bought the CD at the show and am giving it a listen as I write this. Now I don’t think it’s so different after all. A bit more poppy, sure, but still with that distinctive Mojave 3 sound. I’ve already put it on my iPod so I’ll be able to listen to it at work too.

The older material that made up most of the show was awesome, as usual. I always look forward to their shows. I was at first a bit shocked to see that Rachel Goswell didn’t take the stage and had a fear that she had left the band, but Neil explained that she just couldn’t make it for some reason. Why, I’m not sure, because I couldn’t hear him very clearly. Which brings us to our next subject…

What makes people spend $16 to go to a show and then just sit and run their mouths through the whole thing? We thought we got lucky when we found two empty seats at a table with only one person at it, but she was soon joined by two friends and the three of them proceeded to carry on some pointless conversation about I don’t know what for the first half of the show before they finally got up and left. So annoying. The quiet didn’t last though — of course their seats were taken by a couple who immediately started talking as well. Add to this the extremely loud annoying couple at the bar about ten feet away and various other talkers around our immediate area, and you get an experience that just isn’t what it should have been. This might not have been so bad if this was a louder show, like one of those MTV rock bands the kids are into these days, but Mojave 3 does a very mellow, low key show, and too much other noise is really bothersome.

So I’ve decided I agree with Sarai: San Francisco would be great if it weren’t for all the fucking people (“scenesters”, I think they’re called). LA has lots of annoying people, sure, but the city is big enough that you don’t generally get the really high concentration of them that you find in SF.