What is it with Portland?

Completely out of nowhere, people are packing up and moving to Portland. It’s really quite strange. Aside from Christina, who was an early starter moving up there a couple years ago, everyone we know in Portland has moved there within the past nine months.

Mike and Stef moved there in January of this year and Jojo followed a few months later (although she’s since started travelling for work and doesn’t have a permanent home base anymore). I don’t remember what month Levon moved, but he’s now living in the sticks outside of town. And now Kevin, without any notice whatsoever, is packing up and going. Also, one of Sarai’s friends from NYC is moving there this year, if she hasn’t already.

I’ve never been to Portland myself. I’ve really got to get up there one of these days to see what all the fuss is about.

Update, May 2007

Steve T. moved to Portland this month.

Update, September 2007

Thatchery is moving to Portland in October.


Kevin says:

I think Portland has a lot of the nice aspects of San Francisco, or to a lesser degree Manhattan, but with a much lower cost of living. It’s a dense, compact city with well-designed, walkable neighborhoods. It has lots of good restaurants. The public transportation is excellent. There’s a high density of smart, techie people; and there’s several colleges and universities in or near the city.

I’ll be trying to blog more about things we like in the city, both general aspects and specific businesses and attractions, so hopefully you’ll see more of what I mean.