Settling in

The move this weekend went pretty well. It could have been better only if we had been a little more prepared. As it was, we had all the furniture ready for the movers Saturday morning but didn’t get as many boxes packed as I would have liked, which means we were left with more to do ourselves afterward. Most of the big and/or heavy stuff was ready for the movers though, so what was left was nothing we couldn’t handle. We took one car trip Saturday evening, another Sunday afternoon, and now have most of the important stuff moved. We still have another trip or two to make to get the last of our stuff, clean up the old place, and box up everything we’ve decided to get rid of and take it down to Goodwill.

For the move, we hired the Delancy Street Moving Company, a local non-profit. They did a great job and I’d hire them again in a second except that I’m never moving again (I always say that after a move). By hiring them we got to support a good cause and got a tax writeoff in the process.

The new apartment is still a mess, of course, with boxes and newspaper all over the place. The dining table is still disassembled because I forgot to pack the screws, the cats are still in hiding waiting to be magically transported back to their old familiar surroundings, and we have no sofa because we gave our old one away. We have no internet access because we’re waiting for our new DSL line and there are no open wireless networks nearby (I thought San Francisco was supposed to be the land of free wifi?). And we’re still trying to figure out how to fit the contents of our huge two bedroom apartment into our new, smaller, one bedroom place.

I’ll be posting pictures as soon as we get situated (and buy a new sofa).