Pranks 2 released

Pranks 2

RE/Search has just published a sequel to Pranks titled Pranks 2. They had a book release party for it last Saturday at the San Francisco Art Institute. More of a presentation than a party, it was hosted by V. Vale and Mal Sharpe and included film excerpts from the Billboard Liberation Front, The Yes Men, and Scott Beale’s film of the Cacophony Society’s Santarchy event in Portland, among other things. It was short, only about 90 minutes, so not a lot of time was spent on any one thing in particular, which was too bad. I could have done with less nonsense about “hackers” and more about actual pranking.

I picked up a copy of the new book while I was there. I’ve had the first one since about 1990 or so and still flip through it once in a while. I’ve only read the first few interviews in this new one so far, so it’s a bit early to review it, but I already have the distinct impression that V. Vale has discovered politics recently. He’s brought up the Bush administration in every interview I’ve read so far, plus in the introduction. One of the first interviews was with Jello Biafra, so you can probably imagine how that went. That guy sure can talk. In addition to Jello, a number of people from the first book have returned — John Waters, Paul Krassner, and Joey Skaggs, to name a few. The Yes Men are new and I can’t wait to read what they have to say. Their film clip was one of the highlights of the presentation.