Project management for wedding planners

For a number of reasons, Sarai and I are planning and organizing our wedding ourselves. Cost is one of the reasons — there’s no need to hire people to do things we can do ourselves — but we also just think it will be more fun this way, and probably easier as well. For some value of “easier”, anyway; fewer cooks in the kitchen, for one.

Right away we saw a need for some way to organize all this stuff we’re accumulating. We’ve got some combination of paperwork, e-mail, and to-do lists for the wedding site, food, music, guest list, and so on, plus our own notes for all this and more.

We started out using Basecamp but I eventually installed activeCollab, a free Basecamp clone, on my own server. We were using a free Basecamp account which doesn’t allow file uploading, which we definitely need for things like catering menus and the like. I thought about just upgrading to a paid Basecamp account before installing activeCollab because I’d then be able to use it for some consulting work I’m doing on the side, but decided against it for now. I can’t really justify the expense until I pick up a few more regular clients and it doesn’t make sense to buy one just for the wedding planning.

Using a web application for this is great, because either of us can add stuff to it from wherever we are and we don’t have to keep asking each other for updates on whatever it is we’re doing at the time. It’s also a great dumping ground for thoughts and ideas that need to be explored a little more thoroughly, a nice central place for contact information and to-do lists we can both check things off of, and the project milestones are a good way to make sure we get stuff done by certain dates. Certain UI shortcomings notwithstanding, I think these applications are a pretty good fit for something like this. I can’t imagine trying to do all this stuff on paper.


Hirra says:

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